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Paypal - Now Available!

Started by Slash 2019-03-03 at 10:42
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We received several tickets asking about adding Paypal, Well it's time to add our new Payment Processor. Paypal will now be available for both deposits & withdraws.

Currently we'll only process withdraws for the users who made purchases with paypal. For users who didn't make a purchase with PayPal has to request payout by other Payout methods. However PayPal may also be available to withdraw for Non-purchased Members in the next few weeks or so.

Do keep in mind, Any Members making unnecessary disputes, claims or chargebacks with PayPal on behalf of our business will be suspended immediately without prior notice.

We would also strongly suggest Members to keep a backup processor such as PM, Payeer, or an exchanger in order for both purchase & withdraws, independent to PayPal.

We'll also add more Payment processors & features in the future, Stay tuned!

If you have any more concerns or issues feel free to contact support. Thanks!

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