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TOS Update for Russia & Ukraine
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We've recently discovered several Members from Russia & Ukraine opening multiple Account with us with their own down-lines, and also and making a fake Payment Account with Fake Account Details on Perfect Money for Cash out their earning. However we're still not making a point to suspend these Members from our Site,

Below is the screenshot that Perfect Money warned about newly created PM account with possibly fake details.

So, How do Members from Russia & Ukraine get Payout?
We're infact making a new changes to our Terms, and Members registered from Russia & Ukraine should be upgraded or must have a active deposit on their account in order to cashout. However there is no Payout Terms once upgraded you can withdraw via any processor of your choice.

Can members from Russia & Ukraine get paid without making any deposit?
Yes, Of course you can withdraw funds without making deposit. For this you need to have a verified Perfect Money with the same Account Details such as Full Name matching on your PM account.

Kindly, Follow this Terms strictly and do let us know via Support Ticket if you do have any concerns.

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